Fitting Service

“Even though this rod wasn't customised for me, the handle was a perfect fit, my thumb and the heel of my hand sitting on the beechwood inserts while my forefingers wrapped around the cork sections giving the perfect grip.

It is one of the smoothest, most comfortable rod handles I've come across, and provided an excellent grip even when wet.”


- Robbie Winram, Trout Fisherman Magazine.



Objects have a story to tell, just like humans. If you look closely at Tom Regula bespoke fly rods and knives, you will notice that their uniqueness doesn’t stop at the remarkable attention to detail, finest craftsmanship and one of a kind design. The wooden detail in his rods not only increase the sensitivity of his rods but also, they make each bespoke rod an item of highly personal and sentimental value. Be it part of a stock from an old shotgun, a dog tag of a dear, four-legged friend a 5000-year-old piece of bog wood from one’s ancestor’s country of origin, a piece taken off an old table from the workshop of a client’s father, a guitar string, a memorable ring or a piece of wood from the place that brings back special moments, Tom Regula can add to your bespoke rod a true piece of your life.

The things we surround ourselves with are more than objects. They are vessels for breathing, living memories that joined together become our past and can often reflect who we are today. Tom Regula reshapes the meaningful objects from your life to enable you to carry your fond memories whenever you enjoy the outdoors.

"The craftsmanship is second to none and the rod is an absolute pleasure to use.  I teamed it up with a Hardy Princess reel and a double taper line, my goodness the balance is incredible.
I like fishing small streams for wild brown trout and it is this type of fishing where this rod comes into its own, allowing short delicate casts yet still has enough power to reach out when fishing a lake."
- Stephen Sapsead, 

The Gift Inspired by Nature and You

Whether it’s a remarkable birthday, Christmas, graduation, a special anniversary, a retirement gift, or any other momentous occasion, Tom Regula Rods can help you create a luxury bespoke gift to celebrate in style. It's the precious gift your loved one, a dear friend, work colleague, a special client or simply you will love, treasure and keep forever.

Should you wish to discuss any ideas you may have, you can contact Tom Regula by using this form, calling or booking online for an appointment.

Commissioning a personalised fishing rod is an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. Tom will work with you, listening, advising and assisting to help bring your ideas to life and with his expert advice, he will talk you through the entire process.



"I have been using Tom Regula Rods for nearly 20 years. I use both spinning and fly rods built by Tom.


My clients also are using Tom's rods both for salmon and steelhead fishing and they have been put to test by novice and experienced anglers and have never failed. The quality of Tom's fishing rods is exceptional and their durability has been tested over and over by my clients.


Tom is always willing to co-operate to create rods that are species specific and built according to your requirements and expectations. I highly recommend Tom Regula Rods."

- Paul Auguscinski,

Fishing Guide, Salmon River, Pulaski, NY, USA

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